Thermal Imaging for Water Leak Detection & Mold

Thermal imaging can detect water leaks, water intrusions, and plumbing leaks inside walls before they become visible. Thermal Imaging can help you trace the leak back to the source, finding the area that needs to be repaired, some hard to find leaks surface several feet from the actual problem, thermal imaging can detect the path that the water is traveling, so you know where to make the repair.  We use this tool to find the moisture which in turn lets us know where mold is likely to grow.  A wall over 17% moisture is likely to harbor mold growth.

This useful technology allows us to look for a wide range of issues other than moisture and mold growth. During the day we can find areas in a structure with Inadequately insulated or completely un-insulated areas of your home lead to cold rooms in winter, hot rooms in the summer, and extremely high energy bills. The easiest and most cost-effective way to insulate your home is in the attic. However, if you own an older home that has no insulation in the walls you are losing half of the heated or cooled air you produce.

Thermal imaging also allows us to detect mold around windows or doors. The real trouble with windows and doors is not the material they are made of, but how carelessly they were installed in the framed rough opening. The gaps that are left around windows and doors at installation and never properly air sealed, then covered with trim molding are the real culprits for your windows feeling drafty.  Which also leads to moisture intrusion and mold growth around the opening.  Water will often run down the wall under the of the window.

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